A Rotating Anamorphic Cube With Hand Painted Glass Strip Images That Are Revealed With Each Turn

Artist Thomas Medicus (previously) created “What It Is Like To Be”, a fantastic anamorphic cube that encases four different images on hand-painted glass strips that were arranged in such a way that each image is only revealed when the cube is turned.

What It Is Like to Be is an anamorphic sculpture made of 144 hand-painted glass strips. The cubic piece shows four fragmented images, each assembling every 90° turn. The glass strips are cast in a concrete socle that sits in a wooden bowl and stretches about 30 centimeters long.

Like his previous work “Emergence Labs”, Medicus employed the dual concepts of emergence and anamorphic format to slowly reveal images that occupy the same space.

What Its Like to Be

What Its Like to Be Bats

What Its Like To Be Mushrooms

What Its Like To Be Raincoat

What Its Like To Be Side View

What Its Like To Be Top View

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips