A Robotic Spy Puffin Bears Witness as a Pair of Male Rivals Fight Over an Available Female Puffin

In an amorous clip narrated by David Tennant from the John Downer series The Poles: Spy in The Wild 2, a robotic puffin, surrounded by thousands of male puffins who are seeking out their mates, finds itself bearing witness as two male rivals fight over an available female. The female had already chosen her mate, but a younger male challenged the pairing. The two determined birds went at it, rolling down the snowy hill as they fought. The rival lost and the challenge went unfulfilled.

Spy Robot Puffin is surrounded by males looking for their long-lost partners. But after so long apart it’s hard to recognise your mate. Even Spy Robo Puffin looks similar! To find out who is genuine they bob and head rub…however a young single male rival is out to try his luck and will happily muscle in on a devoted couple!

Rival Puffins Fighting Spy in Wild