Langur Monkeys Tenderly Comfort One Another Over the ‘Death’ of a Robotic Spy Monkey

In the first episode of the BBC Series “Spy in the Wild”, narrated by David Tennant, a small robotic spy monkey was placed amongst a tribe of langur monkeys who quickly accepted the new “baby” as one of their own. One of the monkeys accidentally dropped the robot and believed the baby to be dead.

Incredibly, the entire tribe gathered together around the “body”, tenderly comforting one another much in the way humans do in similar circumstances. Mothers pulled their children closer to them, adults hugged one another and all paid respects to the baby that they never had a chance to know.

Langur monkeys mistake the motionless robotic spy monkey that was accidentally dropped as a lifeless baby langur and begin to grieve.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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