A Midi-Controlled Robotic Orchestra Performs a Circusy Cover of the OMFG Song ‘Hello’

In honor of his 1,000th subscriber, South Korean engineer Flanon Shin programmed his intricate Robot Orchestra to perform a cover of the electronic OMFG song “Hello“. It came out a bit circusy, but sounds really cool.

First of all, I’m sincerely thanks to the 1,000 subscribers and viewers who shown a lot of interest in my previous videos. …In this time, the original music is “Hello” by OMFG. While looking for a source to create a cover video, I heard this song by chance. mAnd I thought it was very unique. So… I decided to making a cover version out of it. It was very hard to revive the inherent feel of the song. In the end, I had to edit MIDI file for my devices. …The sound you hear is pure mechanical & electrical sound(or noise… whatever). of course, All instruments(except for the Tesla coil) are automatically controlled by computer’s MIDI signal.

The original OMFG song.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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