Roastie, A Radical Redesign of the Toaster

Roastie by Mateusz Glówka

Roastie by Mateusz Glówka

Roastie is an innovative toaster design concept by Polish designer Mateusz Glówka that features a see-through case (for toast monitoring) and rotating heat elements that evenly toast the bread. Sadly, it is currently only a concept.

ROASTIE is an unconventional toaster. Transparent sphere shielding the user from temperature allowes for constant supervising of your toasted bread. The heaters are immersed in the arms, which turn around the toast inside the sphere. Because of that the loaf is being toasted evenly and doesn’t become singed. Arms are shielded with a mirror finish, so that the produced heat concentrate in the middle. The control panel is projected on the front side.

via Technabob

photos via Mateusz Glówka