Architecturally Inspired Rings Featuring Resin Encased Miniature Skylines of New York City, London and Rome

City Rings

Marco Zagaria and Nicola Zagaria of Art Is Therapy, and Matteo Toriello of 3D Box of have created “Teti”, a line of architecturally inspired rings that feature the iconic skylines of New York City, London and Rome encased in resin. These striking rings come in silver, gold pewter, and rose gold.

Teti is a super detailed micro city-sculpture, modeled in the form of a wearable high jewelry ring, plated with precious materials and encased in lustrous and indestructible resin. The rings featuring significant geographic Icons from cities all over the world and give you the possibility to celebrate your favorite city by keeping it wrapped around your finger.

The three men are raising funds through Kickstarter in order to bring these rings to market.

The biggest challenge we faced was that there was nothing even remotely similar to the ring we wanted to make on the market. Soon we discovered that no one had yet invented the method to produce them, so we had to invent it ourselves…We are super excited to get Teti into your hands. So you can be sure that we’re going to continue to work day and night until the very last Teti has shipped.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips