Ring-Tailed Lemurs Skillfully Scale Cliffs With Their Babies on Their Backs While Searching for Food in Madagascar

In the beautiful BBC Earth documentary David Attenborough’s Madagascar, naturalist Sir David Attenborough talks about a typical day in the life of the amazing ring-tailed lemurs who skillfully scale steep cliffs with their babies on their backs as they forage for food.

Like nowhere else on Earth, the mystery and magic of Madagascar leaves a vivid impression on all those who visit, and none more so than David Attenborough. Fifty years ago, Sir David went to film on the island for the early wildlife TV series Zoo Quest. With several return visits over the intervening years for numerous TV productions, the country and its wildlife has continued to capture both his and his audience’s imagination. This video clip collection pulls together some of the best moments from those Madagascar films, captured over a time that has seen great changes both to the island itself and in wildlife film-making.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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