Brooklyn Street Performer Rides Bicycle While Balancing a Full Trash Can on His Head

A Brooklyn street performer quite remarkably balanced a very full NYC sidewalk trash can on top of his head as he rode around a busy street. This event took place at the intersection of DeKalb and Vanderbilt Avenues in Clinton Hill and the entertaining sight was taken by an onlooker.

A street performer in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill neighborhood entertained onlookers on Saturday, May 14, by expertly balancing a trash can on his head while riding a bicycle.

Bystanders were amused and amazed as they watched a man in a bright yellow vest balance the bin onto his head before boarding his bicycle. He further reassured everyone that nothing would go awry.

Video shot by one the amused spectators shows the man lifting and balancing the garbage-filled can onto his head, then getting on his bike and riding around the street. “I got it! I got it!” he shouts, as people watching from stoops and nearby bars and cafes applaud and cheers.

The man was so adept at this incredible balancing act, that he even performed it on one foot

Man Rides Bicycle with Trash Can on His Head
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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