Rickina the Baby Orangutan Meets and Plays With Other Orangutans

Rickina the baby orangutan meets and plays with other orangutans for the first time at the International Animal Rescue (IAR) Ketapang Orangutan Rescue Center in West Kalimantan, Indonesian Bornea.

Rickina was rescued in the capital city of Pontianak, West Kalimantan, from a man who claimed that he had encountered a mother orangutan with the baby in the forest, and that the mother was so startled that she abandoned the baby and ran away. The man picked up the baby and in doing so apparently caused a gaping wound on her head with his machete…. A mother orangutan will never leave her infant behind and will fight to the death to protect her baby from aggressors. So what really happened?

video by Orangutan Outreach

via Nothing To Do With Arbroath