A Tiny Rhino Calf With the Zoomies Runs in Adorable Circles Around Her Hungry But Watchful Mother

Baby Rhino Zoomies Around Mum

A tiny Southern white rhino calf at the Aukland Zoo got a case of the zoomies that caused her to run in continuous circles around her mum Jamila. Although the older rhino was enjoying a snack, she was also kept a watchful eye on her circling baby.

Our weeks’ old rhino calf is already running rings around her mum Jamila!

This active little infant was the first rhino calf to be born at the Zoo in twenty years.

This is a momentous occasion for all Aucklanders as it’s the first time in twenty years that a rhino calf has been born at Auckland Zoo, as well as an incredible win for the Australasian breeding programme.

via Born in Space

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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