Reverend Billy Arrested for Performing Exorcism on Starbucks

Reverend Billy, who was arrested on February 3rd for protesting at a Starbucks at Astor Place in New York, was re-arrested at the same Starbucks last Sunday, February 11th. The arrest took place after he had married a couple at the spinning Cube and then proceeded to exorcise the Starbucks by performing a “laying on of hands” on the building. The video includes Reverend Billy asking a cop if he goes to Starbucks, followed by the attempted Starbucks exorcism (I believe it failed) and subsequent arrest.

After marrying a couple who declared their love in celebration of freedom and justice, Rev is arrested for exorcising the Starbucks exterior.

Reverend Billy, the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir and members of our Congregation gathered at the Astor Place cube on Sunday February 11 to continue informing the world that Starbucks is blocking Ethiopia from trademarking ancient coffee names, trademarks that could help farmers in a bottomed-out coffee market make enough money to feed their families. For the second week in a row the New York Police Department arrested Reverend Billy, this time before any of the congregation could enter the store. Starbucks can’t allow the truth to even hover on its doorstep! But everyone will know: that Starbucks is blocking coffee farmers from receiving more compensation for their labor, that Starbucks buys less than 4% of their coffee within Fair Trade parameters, that Starbucks is a union-busting, anti-labor company! The Sidamo Prayer Campaign continues!