Resynthesis, Stretched Lights and Photos Represent Time in a Stunning Film Set to a Custom Soundtrack

Visual artist Kevin McGloughlin and musician Max Cooper partnered together to create the short mesmerizing film entitled “Resynthesis”, a stunning visual with lights stretched out to appear as if they were being seen from a moving vehicle and photos equally stretched as if to signify the fleeting time of travel, the past, the future and the desire to keep it all going on forever. Cooper’s soundtrack beautifully complements the image of stretching out time.

My aspiration in this piece was to create a journey for the viewer, a passage through space and time, in an effort to represent time as a dimensional structure. I aimed to convey existence as a solid component of time, an effort to glimpse the idea that our past still exists out there in a stretched, distorted dwelling.. I wanted to capture a human / mortal essence of time, displaying brief impressions of human interactions and activity, traveling in time. All the fundamental assets were captured employing photography and realtime footage.