Rescued Kittens Follow Their Artist Human Around Town

Artist Caleb Screpnek rescued a pair of tiny kitten siblings their mother had abandoned in his adopted town of Tuscany, Italy in 2021. Since that time, with the exception of Screpnek’s travel, they stick very closely to him, particularly as he works.

They were to a fault, very, very attached because they love me.  I work as an artist who also paints on location. Very often I would take them into new parts of the town to do a painting. They would run around in their little area but not go very far and I would paint. People always ask aren’t you afraid they’re gonna run away? They never went more than two meters or so away from me.

Screpnek also stated that he’s also very attached to them.

Your heart just melts, cat lover or not. My mothering instincts have kicked in…I ended up putting them on my shoulders walking through town. I quickly gained reputation for the crazy one having the kittens on my shoulder talking to both of them because I talk to them pretty often.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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