Rescued Egyptian Dog Gets Groomed to Sleep by Her Doting Patagonian Maras Friends

A beautiful baladi (stray) dog gets comforted to sleep as two doting Patagonian Maras groom her as if she were one of their very own. According to the amazing woman who runs Camels and Friends (previously), this former stray had very rough beginnings many, many miles away.

Baladi dog is making up for lost time and enjoying her new relaxing life with two doting Mara friends. Not too long ago Baladi was living in Cairo, Egypt and suffering abuse on the streets while her littermates and family were slowly killed. Her torment ended when a kind-hearted person stepped in and saved her when she was struck down in the street by a car and left for dead. She eventually left Egypt and came to America to being a new life.

Baladi’s incredible story is told in more detail here.

Baladi and Maras

image via Camels and Friends

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips