Rescued Disabled Guinea Pig Receives a Custom Wheelchair Through Internet Fundraising

Estella rolls

A disabled guinea pig named Estella who was rescued with her “beau” Pip by the Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary in French Camp, California received, through online donations, the wonderful gift of mobility with a custom wheelchair that was lovingly made by Doggon Wheels. When Estella first arrived at the Sanctuary, she was in very bad shape.

Estella arrived at Harvest Home in bad shape recently. A child squeezed her so hard that her back broke. Thereafter, she was abandoned on the side of the road in Calaveras County. Sitting at a local animal shelter, she received no pain relief or vet care for an entire month.

Luckily, Estella is doing much better and living a very happy mobile life. Harvest Home Sanctuary welcomes donations to help animals like Estella lead happy, healthy lives.

Estella and Pip


images via Harvest Home Sanctuary

via Huffington Post