An Incredibly Realistic Remote Control Floating Crocodile Head That’s Good for Pests or Pranks

Flytec Toys has created an incredibly realistic remote control floating crocodile head. This disembodied toy reptile mimics the actual movements of a crocodile, as crocs and alligators tend to hunt with only their heads above water. It’s an excellent water “watchdog” to help scare away waterfowl. It also excellently serves the purpose of terrifying others if you want to pull a prank.

… simulates the crocodile head and looks realistic. Can be used to scare people, or can simulate crocodiles to help prevent geese and other waterfowl from leaving the pond. Effectively drive away waterfowl and protect the swimming pool.

It’s also pretty scary on land, though the box helpfully acts as a reminder that it’s not really real.

RC Crocodile Head

RC Croc Head

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