ReMake Detroit, How a Hackerspace is Working to Reinvigorate Detroit

The inspiring short documentary “ReMake Detroit” takes a look at i3 Detroit, a hackerspace that is working to reinvigorate Detroit through collaboration, entrepreneurship, and the DIY spirit. The film was produced by the online magazine Dark Rye.

Before the assembly line, before Detroit’s imagination took a backseat to its specialized emphasis on cars, cars and a few more cars, we mustn’t forget that it was imagination itself that turned the key in that original ignition. Indeed. What was Henry Ford doing in that shed behind his house? He was tinkering and dreaming and goofing around. It’s the conviction that making and building exist as desires in the very structure of our DNA that inspired Nick Britsky to dream up and create i3 Detroit, “a collaborative environment for people to explore the balance between technology, art and culture.”

via Boing Boing