REI’s Essential Tools & Skills for Surviving a Zombie Outbreak

Zombie Survival Gear

Outdoor clothing and gear retailer REI has created a tongue-in-cheek zombie survival infographic which provides a list of the essential tools you will need to “keep from becoming a snack for ravenous hordes of flesh-eating ghouls.” It also provides step-by-step illustrations that demonstrate “critical zombie survival skills” (for example, learn to neutralize a zombie with a cast-iron skillet) and a list of recommended zombie research materials (films/books/etc.). They are also offering in-store zombie preparedness classes which they say “are not only a fun way to get ready for zombies, they are even more useful for other disasters such as earthquakes and major storms.”

Zombie outbreaks happen. Gear up with REI to avoid getting eaten by moaning masses of undead cannibals.

Survival skills

images via REI

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff