Reinvent Payphones, A New York City Design Challenge

Reinvent Payphones Design Challenge

Reinvent Payphones is a design challenge hosted by the City of New York that calls on the public to redesign the city’s public pay telephone system. The city currently manages a network of more than 11,000 payphones, but with the rise of mobile devices, the payphones have fallen into disuse. Current payphone vendor agreements expire in 2014, at which point the city has the opportunity to modernize the system. Students, urban designers, planners, policy experts & technologists are encouraged to submit virtual or physical prototypes by the submission deadline, February 18, 2013.

Have ideas on how New York City can reinvent payphones to create a safer, healthier, more sustainable, accessible and informed city? Submit your prototype by February 18th and you could help to shape the City’s future.

via Mike Bloomberg & Gothamist

image via Reinvent Payphones