Recycled Starbucks Coffee Sleeve Sets That Feature Colored Pencil Drawings of All 12 Iterations of ‘Doctor Who’

Doctors 1-4 Set 1 – Doctors 1-4

Indianapolis-based designer Kahahuna has created a wonderful line of hand-drawn recycled Starbucks coffee sleeves sets that feature all 12 iterations of Doctor Who (excluding the “War Doctor“) and a wonderful portrait of a single Dalek in all of its menacing glory.

These are hand-drawn Doctors …on up-cycled Starbucks cup sleeves. I got the idea while I was at work (I work at Starbucks) and randomly handing out drinks with decorated sleeves to my customers. They loved the idea so much that I decided to put my own love of Doctor Who into colored pencil. These are made on recycled cardboard sleeves that would otherwise have been thrown away. Each sleeve has been sprayed with a matte fixative to keep the pencil in place. I have priced these at $12 each and shipping is included for the set. (within the US) I’m not selling these particular pieces individually at this time.

The sleeves are sold in sets of four via the Kahahuna Shop on Etsy.

Doctors 5-8 Set 2 – Doctors 5-8

Doctors 9-12 Set 3 – Doctors 9-12


images via Kahahuna

via Nerdist