Recovery 2.0 and Identity 2.0

Jeff Jarvis

Recovery 2.0 and Identity 2.0 are a couple of interesting open source concepts that have emerged recently.

Recovery 2.0 is Jeff Jarvis’ project to leverage web technology to help better prepare for the next disaster. He outlines his proposal on his post “Recovery 2.0: A call to convene”.

Our goal is to be ready for the next disaster so people can better use the internet — via any device — to better:

1. share information,
2. report and act on calls for help,
3. coordinate relief,
4. connect the missing,
5. provide connections for such necessities as housing and jobs,
6. match charitable assets to needs,
7. get people connected to these projects – and the world – sooner.

Identity 2.0 is Sxip CEO Dick Hardt’s suggestions for improving and simplifying the online identity verification process.

As the online world moves towards Web 2.0, the concept of digital identity is evolving, and existing identity systems are falling behind. New systems are emerging that place identity in the hands of users instead of directories. Simple, secure and open, these systems will provide the scalable, user-centric mechanism for authenticating and managing real-world identities online, enabling truly distinct and portable Internet identities.

photo of Jeff Jarvis talking about Recovery 2.0 at Web 2.1 by Scott Beale