An Adorable Pet Rat Who Falls Into a Deep Sleep Inside a Tissue Box Can Only Be Woken Up With Treats

An absolutely adorable little rescued pet rat named Bean climbed into an open box of tissues and promptly fell asleep in a semi-supine position, with her tiny belly, cute little feet, and defined little chine exposed to the world. Despite her human Esther‘s efforts to wake her up, Bean’s eyes stayed closed. It was only when Esther brought over a dish of sliced almonds that Bean woke up “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed” and ready for her treats.

I caught Bean in a super cute sleeping position this time – she was sleeping with her little feetsies up and completely dead to the world! Apparently, almonds triumph everything though…

Other foods, such as yogurt and cereal, will also awaken a sleeping Bean.

Esther rescued Bean from being feeding fodder for a much larger animal. Fortunately, Bean grew much too big, and Esther stepped in to give her a good life.

Ahh Bean. Sweet, smart, fun, loving – Bean is the whole package! Bean was initially feeder bought for her intended purpose, and for 6 weeks was offered again and again as prey. Evidently, she got lucky though as she kept getting rejected and eventually grew too big, prompting her owner to post her free on craigslist. Once I saw that she was just 5 minutes away from me, I just knew I had to get her and I picked her up the following day!

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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