Ramones’ ‘I Wanna Be Sedated’ Played on a Dulcimer

Musician Sam Edelston performed a truly unexpected, badass cover of the iconic Ramones song “I Wanna Be Sedated” on a tabletop electric dulcimer. Edelston performs acoustic and electric covers of all sorts of popular, rock and folk music. And he certainly doesn’t shy away from punk, heavy metal and classic rock songs either. Nor does he limit himself to just one dulcimer at a time.

Edelston, who wants to bring “dulcimers into the public’s awareness, with the many kinds of music that can sound great on them”, just wants to share the joy he finds from playing the dulcimer with the rest of the world.

I believe that dulcimers are among the world’s coolest musical instruments. People deserve to know about dulcimers, the way that people already know about harmonicas, ukuleles, and xylophones (to name a few examples). …I believe in exposing people to interesting and surprising music on dulcimers.

via The Morning News