Raccoon Cleverly Knocks on a Glass Door With Rock Between Her Paws When the Cat Food Bowl Is Empty

A very clever mama raccoon nicknamed “Rocksy” is a frequent visitor to the house of Zoosie, where she knocks against the sliding glass door with a rock that she rolls between her paws. Usually Rocksy knocks like that to let everyone know that the cat food bowl is empty and needs to be refilled. Rocksy is not a raccoon to be feared however, according to Zoosie, she’s just foraging for her babies.

Just because you see a raccoon out in the day, it does not mean it has rabies, that is such a myth. Usually it’s a nursing mother who is trying to get food for her babies. They stay in the den at night so the predators don’t get their babies. But in the day they go foraging for food and steal cat food.

Visiting raccoons are very common at Zoosie’s back door. In 2013, she posted a video showing her little dog Rascal playing with the raccoons through the very same sliding glass door.

For years, a family of raccoons has lived in my yard. They are adorable and I am blessed to have them live on my property. They are curious creatures and each night… they come to my back door and look in! My little dog looks forward to their nightly visits because they play through the glass! It is hysterical and happens each night! He will paw at the door for 30 minutes… it’s great exercise! I would NEVER let him out… but it is sure fun to watch them play!

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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