Rescued Raccoon Goes Toy Shopping at a Pet Store

A beloved pet raccoon named Tito went toy shopping at the pet store with his dedicated human Mitchell. The pair also took their cat Felix along for the trip because Tito wanted to share in the experience.

The gregarious raccoon also made a number of friends while perusing the aisles for something fun to bring home for the other animals at his home including another rescued raccoon named Cheeto, a prickly hedgehog named Theo, a puppy named Luna, four ferrets and three other cats named Ash, Misty and Connor.

Tito has been saving up some money to buy new toys so I brought him to the pet store to let him pick out a couple. …He was nice enough to share with his new toys with his cat and dog friends! It was an investment well spent making his friends happy!

Raccoon Shopping at Pet Store

Mitchell, who works in pest control, rescued Tito in 2017 when a co-worker came back to the office with a “bucket of baby raccoons” and domesticated the normally wild procyonid over the course of two years.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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