A Rescued Raccoon Tentatively Attempts to Play With a Prickly Hedgehog in His Human’s Backyard

A rescued raccoon named Tito noticed that there was another creature in his human’s backyard and needed to check it out. Tito first sniffed at the animal and then tentatively reached out with his paw, but quickly drew it back when he felt the sharp quills of a prickly hedgehog named Theo. This exercise of sniffing and reaching went on for a bit of time but eventually Theo relented and even began playing with Tito for a bit.

The Raccoon doesn’t know what to think about the hedgehog! He gets poked trying to figure it out! Tito spends the day playing with Theo in the yard. Theo takes a little bit to warm up and come out of his shell, but when he does he has a great time playing in the yard and garden!

Tito Racoon and Hedgehog Theo

Tito was rescued a year ago by a compassionate human who works in pest control. A co-worker had discovered baby raccoons in an customer’s attic and amongst them was little Tito. Tito’s human explained how Tito came into their lives on May 9, 2017.

On May 23, 2018, Tito’s human checked in with a much larger Tito who had developed a much larger personality within the year he came to live with them.

Raccoons are great when they are babies, but they don’t stay young for long. They grow up fast, and when they do, they become very stubborn. This is because they are preparing to leave there mom when they are out in the wild. They are trying to figure things out for themselves because they will be on there own very soon.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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