Clever Wraps That Turn Instant Pots Into R2-D2 or BB-8

R2D2 Pot Wrap

The aptly named Instant Wraps creates very cleverly designed, whimsical magnetic coverings for those who may find the stainless steel facade of their Instant Pot pressure cookers to be either unsightly or boring. Included among these fun designs are two of the cutest robots within the Star Wars universe, R2-D2 and BB-8. These and other designs are available for purchase through the Instant Wraps Etsy shop.

Premium non-adhesive waterproof wrap by Instant Wraps. Star Wars R2D2 Droids. Do you hide your pot in the cupboard because it’s big and ugly? Our premium Instant Wraps will change that forever! They are made of high quality plastic material that wraps around your pot and attaches in the back with magnets.

BB8 Droid Instant Wrap

R2D2 Instant Wrap Side

BB8 Droid Instant Wrap Back

BB8 Droid Instant Wraps

R2D2 Pot Wrap Removal

They also have a really cool Sugar Skull wrap that comes in a variety of colors, along with other designs.

Instant Wraps Sugar Skull

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