Question Mark of ? & the Mysterians Lost House In A Big Fire

Bill Streeter just contacted me with the sad news that Question Mark (?), of the 1960’s band ? & the Mysterians, recently lost his house and all of his possessions, including priceless music memorabilia, in a massive fire. ?, his wife and manager who all live in the house were unharmed, but unfortunately, he was only able to save 3 of his 7 Yorkshire Terriers in the blaze.

According to Bill, “They let the home owners policy lapse last year because his managers wife got breast cancer and they needed all the funds they could get to pay for her treatments. So this is a total loss.”

If you are a fan of his music, including 1966’s #1 Billboard song “96 Tears”, you can help with PayPal donation through his website. It’s a sad story, but he has a really great spirit when it comes to dealing with this loss, which you can see when you watch his personal video about the tragedy.

Here’s more coverage from Flint, Michigan’s ABC 12 (? lives in Clio, Michigan, just north of Flint) as well as some photos of the devastation.

Question Mark Benefit

UPDATE: GaragePunk is organizing a Question Mark Benefit in St. Louis on March 30th and they are working actually bringing down ? and The Mysterians to play at the event.

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