How the Strictly Uniformed Queen’s Guards Prevent Themselves From Fainting in Extreme Heat

The iconic Queen’s Guard, soldiers who are charged with protecting the official royal residences, are required to wear a very specific uniform that requires tightly buttoned jackets, wool trousers and a towering cap made of bear fur.

Under normal British weather conditions, the uniforms keep the soldier nice and warm. With the recent trend, however, of increasingly soaring heat that has come to the United Kingdom, these uniforms have simply become unbearable and these soldiers are doing everything they can to keep from fainting while exercising their royal duties.

Elizabeth Palmer of the CBS Evening News spoke with several men of the Queen’s Guard, as well as members of the British Army research team that is looking for ways to address this very serious issue.

All soldiers are prone to fainting in the heat, even the U.S. Marines. It’s such a problem, the British Army is funding research on how to prevent it. Elizabeth Palmer explains.