Qoopy, A Luxury Day Care Service for Pet Chickens in Brooklyn, San Francisco and Portland, Oregon


Qoopy offers luxury daycare for pet chickens in Brooklyn, San Francisco and Portland, Oregon. The service seeks to ease the minds of their humans who worry about their downy babies while they are away from home because of work, social obligations or their annual trip to Burning Man. Richard Wyatt, a current customer, sings Qoopy’s praises on their site.

“Knowing my ladies were feeling comfortable and cozy gave me real peace of mind. That way I could really throw myself into burning man.” — Richard Wyatt

Qoopy is currently at capacity, but they are currently accepting waitlist applications. The application asks some pretty unusual questions however, including “What is your little plucky pal’s favorite color?”, “How does your tufted comrade express emotion?” and “What time of day does your chicken feel emotion?”. The application also offers an opportunity to provide biographical information for the board along with a headshot.

One can’t help but be a bit skeptical.

The Egg Plant

Chicken Closeup


images via Qoopy

via Jake Levine