‘Puppy Bowl’ Puppy Born Without Front Legs Gives Comfort to Senior Dogs

A little dog born without front legs provides adorable company and comfort to elder dogs at Vintage Pet Rescue in Foster, Rhode Island. While the sanctuary is primarily dedicated to taking care of senior dogs in their twilight years, the pup Joey became a welcome member of the Vintage family due to his special needs.

His owners had reached out before surrendering him. They did not have experience with special needs dogs. He was our first true puppy….Joey helped Blue who was one of our hospice dogs gain a little more confidence. When he and Joey would cuddle and give each other kisses, it was really special.

Here’s more information about Vintage Pet Rescue.

Joey also made national news when he was one of 121 rescued dogs from across the nation who compete in the Puppy Bowl during Super Bowl LVII. The 15/10 Foundation sponsored Joey and takes care of his medical needs, particularly his donated wheelchair.

This is Joey. He will be competing in the Puppy Bowl on Sunday! He was born with only two legs and will need an assistive cart and special medical care. …Not only is the 15/10 Foundation sponsoring his medical costs for life, but Joey is also competing in the Puppy Bowl on Team Ruff!

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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