The Life Story of Ernest Hemingway Told in Three and a Half Minutes by a Purple Felt Puppet

Randy Feltface Ernest Hemingway

During the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2015, a purple puppet named Randy Feltface sat at a desk on a dark stage with only a typewriter at his side and proceeded to tell the life story of Ernest Hemingway in just three and a half minutes. Feltface recounted each of Hemingway’s trials and tribulations, each of which served to cement the writer’s legacy as a tortured legend.

The life and times of Ernest Miller Hemingway in 3 and a half minutes. Excerpt from Randy Writes a Novel (Draft One), filmed in 2015 by Stupid Old Studios during the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Feltface also verbally extolled the virtues of having a typewriter on stage during the same performance.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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