A Father Reunites With His Punk Rock Band to Play ‘Fistfight in the Parking Lot’ at His Daughter’s Wedding

In a rather amusing classic 2010 sketch from Saturday Night Live, a loving father (Fred Armisen) asks his daughter at her wedding if she’d mind if he and his former bandmates (Bill Hader, Ashton Kutcher, and Dave Grohl) played one of their songs together for one last time. The blushing bride agreed.

What she didn’t know, however, was that her father was the frontman for the punk band Crisis of Conformity. As they performed the song “Fistfight in the Parking Lot”, the bride’s father got very much into character and essentially destroyed everything he saw, punk-rock style.

A father…reunites with his old punk band, Crisis of Conformity,… to play their song “Fistfight in the Parking Lot” at his daughter’s wedding.