The Return of the Puking Cat Gravy Boat

Puking Cat Gravy Boat

When we posted about a Barfing Squirrel Gravy Boat back in 2012, fine glass artist Ginger Ames was inspired to create one for herself. Instead of a squirrel, however, Ames made a gravy boat in the image of her beloved rescue cat Mr. B.

Ames then launched a Kickstarter campaign to sell her Puking Kitty Gravy Boats. The supply was quickly exhausted. Both Ginger and husband Lewis made the decision to make it a one-time thing, however, their gravy boat was featured on The Bill Maher Show in March 2020, and they decided to bring the vomiting kitty vessel back to life.

Laughing Squid inspired the original Puking Kitty Gravy Boat nearly a decade ago, turning a silly idea into a successful Kickstarter. When the first batch sold out we took a several year hiatus, but after a surprise mention on the Bill Maher show, they are back! The newest batch arrived today, just in time for gravy season.

The gravy boat comes in two different colors: blue and black. The white version will be available in November 2020. Additionally, a $5 off coupon is available towards any purchase when a $3 (or more) donation is made towards a charity listed on their site.

A portion of each sale goes to support cat rescue organizations. Participate in our Spread the Gravy, Spread the Love Program to contribute even more to charity AND save money.

Cat Charities Puking Cat Gravy Boat

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips