Puddles Pity Party Plays a Heartbreaking Acoustic Cover of ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ in the Style of Bob Dylan

In his ongoing Coffee Shop series, the truly gifted Puddles Pity Party responded to a fan’s request to play something by The Cure. The always obliging sad clown broke out his guitar and harmonica and proceeded to play a heartbreakingly gorgeous cover of “Boys Don’t Cry” in an acoustic folk style similar to that of Bob Dylan. No wonder the judges and audience of America’s Got Talent were absolutely stunned by the pipes of P³.

Many P³ers have asked me to try a song by The Cure. “Boys Don’t Cry” just jumped in my lap. I tried a little Bob Dylan style with harmonica. I’m not very good at harmonica playing but I like to try. It ended up sounding a little like Bonnie Prince Billy. Don’t ya think?