Puddles Pity Party Stuns the America’s Got Talent Audience With a Gorgeous Cover of Sia’s ‘Chandelier’

When our beloved Puddles Pity Party appeared on the national stage of America’s Got Talent, the panel of judges and the audience surrounding them looked a bit skeptical, seemingly wondering what this very tall, very sad clown who didn’t speak could offer to them. Once the music started and Puddles began to sing a gorgeous cover of the Sia song “Chandelier“, they couldn’t help but be stunned by the clown’s rich, golden voice. Puddles received a resounding standing ovation for his performance, including the famously critical Simon Cowell and made it to the next round. While the audience may have been surprised, we already knew that Puddles Pity Party got talent.

He may not be chatty, but Puddles Pity Party sure can sing! Check out his powerful rendition of Sia’s “Chandelier.”

The performance got a bit of attention online as well