Clever Cocktail Picks That Double as Tiny Protest Signs

Make Cocktails Not War

Fred has created a very clever set of “Pick-Its” cocktail picks, each doubling as tiny protest signs for these turbulent times. Included in the set are slogans such as “Make Cocktails, Not War!”, “Liquor for the People!”, “Garnish Drinks Not Wages”, “Equal Pours for All” and other astute phrases specifically related to alcohol.

Make America Drink Again! Unite with your fellow party-goers to take on the establishment and CHOOSE BOOZE! PICK ITS will mix it up and make a statement with 12 clever sayings fit for any picket line. This set of 24 cocktail picks is perfect for your next martini march or spritzer sit in.

The set comes with 24 garnishing cocktail picks that are certain to enliven conversations.

Cocktail Protest Picks

Pick It Give Booze a Chance

Pick Its Protest Picks

PIck Its

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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