Building Drum Kit Out of Empty Pringles Cans

Eric Carr and Tony G. of EMCproductions built a drum kit from cut-down empty Pringles and powdered Gatorade cans. The cans were individually covered with stretched-out balloons for a better sound. When finished, Carr strapped the entire kit onto a marching frame and tested it out in his neighborhood.

Today we are making some drums but not just any drums tiny drums. I ate a whole lot of Pringles and drank a whole lot of Gatorade to make this video… Here we have 30 of the Pringles cans, we got 24 medium size, and six huge size. We also have five Gatorade cans here.

Pringles Drumkit

The pair was inspired by a percussive Pringles “Drum Solo” commercial that aired in 2021.

The goal of this is to do exactly like that guy did in the Pringles commercial with the gigantic epic drum sets. 

via The Awesomer

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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