pplkpr, An App Designed to Track Physical and Emotional Reactions to Other People

is an iOS app designed to help users track their physical and emotional reactions to meeting other people in the the real world, so they can plan their social calendars around people they actually like. The app works with third-party heart rate monitoring devices and lets users enter information manually, keeping track of how others make them feel over time. Its creators say pplkpr is part functional app, part art/research project.

It is a fully functioning app based on scientific research. We are two artists that created it as a provocation, a taste of where we may be heading with our quantified living and algorithmic decision making. It relates to some previous projects we’ve made like us+, Social Turkers, and Conversnitch. We hope that seeing and trying the app will enable people to think critically about this future and speak out about what we do and don’t want to manifest.

pplkpr pplkpr

pplkpr pplkpr

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