Power Tool Drag Races at Maker Faire 2007

Power Tool Drag Races

Power Tool Drag Races

This year’s Power Tool Drag Races will take place next weekend at Maker Faire 2007 in San Mateo on May 19th & 20th. The PTDR website has event information, including the rules and racer registration is now open. Here are my photos from last year’s PTDR at Ace Auto in San Francisco.

we are going to run the races a little differently so that we can be more flexible with racers wandering off to see maker’s faire things.here’s what we’ve come up with.

saturday is going to run on a time trial model. racers race at random, or race their friends, or grudge matches, or really in any manner they like, and we build an ET list progressively throughout the day. you will be assured at least 2 runs on saturday. the goal is to get the best track time in your class. the top x number of racers from each class will advance to sunday, where we will have the usual formal tree eliminations. we are not sure how many will advance. maybe 5. maybe 10. we have yet to decide we need to figure out what seems reasonable to run on sunday. then sunday sunday sunday will be the finals all day.

photo credit: Scott Beale