A Teeny Tiny Blind Dwarf Munchkin Cat Gets a Second Chance at Life With a Loving Human’s Care

A sweet little dwarf munchkin cat whose name is Giselle, but is also known as “Potato” and “Stumpy Cat”, is an incredible little survivor. A big-hearted woman named Holly discovered Giselle on the MSPCA Boston adoption page and fell instantly in love with the tiny three pound kitty (the size of a guinea pig). Holly had previously worked with special needs cats, so she was approved to bring Giselle home, despite the kitty’s wide array of ailments.

In addition to her skeletal deformities, her organs are to big, her rib cage is way to small and her head is to big which adds weight to her spine.. Her heart is being protected by her tiny rib cage but her lungs are squished and makes it difficult for her to breath.. Things like car rides and even picking her up stresses her out a lot and make her breathing even worse.. Although she has become very playful, she gets tired quickly and needs to rest her lungs.. She has been treated since the day she was surrendered by her amazing pain specialist, Dr. Moses.. a fighting chance at a better life and I thank her for all her honesty and compassion for Mrs Potato Cat.. We have a medication routine with her feedings and she is on 2 meds daily so she is not uncomfortable currently.. We have spent a lot of time trying to get an idea of all her ailments so we can be prepared as things change over her lifetime.. She was also blind from birth most likely, she knows no different and it’s doesn’t bother her at all!

That said, Giselle appears to be thriving and happy in Holly’s loving home. Giselle even plays with her feline brother, her favorite crinkle toy and anything laced with catnip.

via meow AF