Popup Restaurant Serves 6 Course Meal on NYC Subway L Train

Oh, just a 6-Course meal served on the L Train. What did YOU do this weekend?

The theatrical culinary group A Razor, A Shiny Knife organized NYC Dining Car, a popup restaurant that served a 6-course meal on the NYC Subway L train. Here’s a New York Times story on the event by Melena Ryzik.

Here’s a description of the event by photographer Steph Goralnick who was in attendance:

Quite possibly the ballsiest interpretation of the “popup restaurant” phenomenon to date: 12 guests were treated to a full 6 courses on an NYC subway commute from 8th Avenue to Canarsie, with a new dish being served every third stop. Courses were plated by teams either on the platform, or in the train itself, and served to guests on custom-built straphanger tables. The exquisitely planned and executed event went off (amazingly) without a hitch. The Great Gatsby was read, diners were stuffed, onlookers drooled.

The menu:
6th Avenue: Hamchi Crudo, Bone Marrow, Trout Roe, Laproaig, Sweet Lime
3rd Avenue: Foie en Brioche, Port Wine, Raisin,
Lorimer Street: Ramp Soup, Black Garlic, Cippolini, Morel, Thyme
Morgan Avenue: Petit Filet Mignon, Pomme Puree, Asparagus
Bushwick Avenue: Pepper Jam, St Andre
Sutter Avenue: Chocolate & Gold Leaf Panna Cotta, Raspberry Coulis

L Train Lunch L Train Lunch

via Joshua Nguyen