Police Officer Hilariously Chases a Pair of Inept Criminals Around a Canadian Convenience Store

Hilarious surveillance footage taken from the security system of Reddi Mart in Spruce Grove outside of Edmonton, Canada shows a pair of inept, but sneaky couple who attempted to rob the store and then individually to escape from a lone RMCP officer. The officer was doing his best in trying to contain the chaos, but was completely overrun by the pair. When the officer tried to cuff the male of the pair, the female walked right by them into the office and slid onto the ceiling, most likely thinking she could make a clean getaway. Unfortunately for her, however, the ceiling was not meant to hold anything heavier than its tiles.

Ceiling Crash Robbers

And of course, no song other than “Yakety Sax” (Benny Hill theme song) would suffice as the soundtrack for this hilarious scene.