Playboy’s Girls of the Internet, Remixed (1996)

“The internet, a place where anything goes and imagination is your only boundary…”

In this remix clip from the 1996 Playboy documentary titled Girls of the Internet, we get a taste of how women really used the internet in the mid-1990s. The clip is from the Deeper Understanding collection and the original video was directed by Hugh Hefner.

On IMDB, a Norwegian gentleman reviewed the video in 2001 and says:

In this video playboy shows of some amazing girls in cyber surroundings. The music and motions are very well mixed together,and the editing is brilliant. The sequences between the babes are all animated to give the movie a more cyber like atmosphere.The editors are here trying to give us a site into how the cyber world will be in the future. And the girls in this movie is really fulfill every mans need.

This video centers around the new phenomena cyber chat,where all the girls meet to talk about there fantasies.

Here's a little erotic interface

“Here’s a little erotic interface…”

Outgoing Message

“Net Chat”

Girls of the web

“Girls of the web”

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Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff