A Gorgeous Playable LEGO Concert Grand Piano

LEGO Player Grand Piano

LEGO artist and music teacher SleepyCow has built an absolutely gorgeous, playable concert grand piano out of almost 2800 LEGO bricks. It impressively features working keys, hammers, strings and pedals for performing in miniature, but can also easily switch over to a self-playing option. According to the builder, this project has been long planned.

Ever since I started learning music, I have always wanted to build a piano out of LEGO bricks. I have also been asked many times by my students about the inner-workings of a piano. I think this will be a great set to teach students about piano mechanics. I’ve seen many people do it in different ways, but I decided to make my own version, as well as try to make it as similar to a real piano as possible with correct proportions.

The Playable LEGO Piano is currently listed on the LEGO Ideas site and if it gets enough votes this project will become an official LEGO product.

LEGO Concert Grand Piano Open

LEGO Concert Grand Piano Pedals

LEGO Concert Grand Piano Strings and Hammers

LEGO Concert Grand PIano With Bench

LEGO Concert Grand Piano

via Mike Shouts, The Awesomer

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