Newly Colorized Video of Pink Floyd Performing ‘Apples and Oranges’ on American Bandstand in 1967

Artist on the Border restored and colorized classic footage of Pink Floyd making their first US appearance on American Bandstand in 1967 where they performed their song “Apples and Oranges”. Quite notable is host Dick Clark referring to the band as “The” Pink Floyd. Even so, the band played on.

I present to you my final version of Apples and Oranges at the American Bandstand show. Recorded at the ABC Studios, Burbank, California on November 7th 1967. The band performs a halfhearted version of Apples and Oranges, presumeably in pre-taped rehearsal with a somewhat absent Syd Barrett fronting the show.

This song, which appeared on the album Piper at the Gates of Dawn, was the final song written by original frontman Syd Barrett. Barrett, who seems quite distracted during the performance, left the band shortly after this appearance.

Inside the live performance, Barrett seemed to turn into an erratic fella, staring blankly at the cameras, but still managing to provide a refined act. But the early signs of his mental illness feared the other members of his group, as they remained focused while still preoccupied about Syd’s actions that would mark the beginning of an end to his career in music.

Pink Floyd 1967 on American Bandstand

Here’s Artist on the Border’s teaser video.

Here’s the rest of the interview (in black and white).

The performance ended, and Dick Clark managed to chat with them. Perhaps fearing that any stupid questions would correspond to sarcastic answers, the host tried to ask each member one question, and luckily it ended well.

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