Rescued Pig Has a Very Specific Nighttime Routine

A rescued pig named Althea, who lives with Molly and Ryan at Little Woods Animal Sanctuary in Mecosta, Michigan, has a specific routine for when her humans tuck her in at night. This includes a good snuggle, a comfy bed, over a dozen blankets that cover her body, and a kiss good night.

She’s very particular in her routine and in the ways she likes things done. She sleeps with probably a dozen blankets. It’s quite the mound when she is in there. She looks like a pile of laundry laying on the floor until she stands up  and then runs around. they all stay on her they don’t fall off. Where’s Althea? There she is.

Pig Nighttime Routine

Ryan adopted Althea when she was a tiny piglet who had fallen onto the roadway. He was surprised at how small she was at the time. But it wasn’t long before Althea revealed her true personality.

I walked in and saw the tiniest little pig I’ve ever seen. She had fallen off the truck and was running down the highway. By the time I got home, I walked in the door and said this pig can never leave here. …All of a sudden this explosive little personality comes out. Hour by hour you could see a difference in her. As shefelt better she started running and doing zoomies and being this just little ball of chaos.

And true to their word, Althea has never left.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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