Gregarious Pig Makes Himself at Right at Home at a Sanctuary in Upstate New York

GeoBeats Animals visited with Arthur’s Acres founder Todd Friedman to learn more about a particularly gregarious Kunekune pig named Moby who was rescued from life in a damp basement with his sister Billie. The two had been living under those conditions for several years before Friedman and a team negotiated surrender to the sanctuary.

The local rescue went to the house and could not believe the conditions they were living in; a very wet basement sleeping on a rotten pallet with no access to the outside.

Since that time, both Moby and Billie have become residents on the 77 acre farm in upstate New York. Moby was immediately taken with both the sanctuary and with Friedman himself. Despite his tiny stature and neurological issues, Moby has become the loudest pig around.

Moby’s head’s crooked and his neck is tweaked a little he has trouble eating, so he needs more time to eat but he’s healthy…Moby just has a happiness that is contagious….He’s got to be the loudest pig i’ve ever met as soon as he sees anybody he just screams with excitement. If you just say his name he’s so happy. He thinks he’s Mr. Tough Guy. He’s about 110 pounds and he’s trying to beat up 950 pound pigs…through a fence of course

Moby also has a bit of difficulty understanding personal space.

If i sit down he doesn’t leave me alone he snuggles into my side. He’s really smart, We moved him, the transition is sometimes hard for them but nope, the first day he knew where he was supposed to be 

Friedman goes on to talk about all the pigs that Arthur’s Acres has rescued.

They deserve to live like any other animal and they want to live. We’re really living a very selfish life thinking that they’ve been here for us to consume. …we sell them short by thinking they’re just stupid animals…they are beautiful intelligent loving beings that deserve the same amount of ove and respect as we do. 

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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