Four Microphones Keep a PID Controlled Ball Bouncing on Plate Machine For as Long as Possible

PID Bouncing Ball on Plate

Electrical engineer Tobias Kuhn of Electron Dust has created a neat Arduino project in which he used four microphones to keep PID controlled ping pong ball bouncing on a plate machine. The purpose of this project per Kuhn, is to keep the ball going for as long as possible.

Not quite your usual ball and plate with PID control. The sole purpose of this Arduino project is to keep a ball bouncing for as long as possible.

Kuhn posted an update on this project, stating what improvements he has since made.

I fiddled around with the visualization and I managed to make it a bit more interesting. Such green! Much data! Wow! Other than that it’s all the same old machine doing its thing with the sound.

via Hackaday

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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