PepperGram, A Simple Device for Creating ‘Pepper’s Ghost’ Hologram Illusions Using Tablets

PepperGram Projector and Kids

PepperGram is a simple hologram projector for tablets that makes use of the illusion technique known as Pepper’s ghost. When the device is placed on a tablet displaying a special four-face pyramid image or video, it transforms it into a hologram.

Get a little funky anywhere you go with this simple illusion device. Working off a variation of an old illusion technique used in theaters and houses known as Pepper’s Ghost, this mini-projector creates what looks like a hologram with nothing but your tablet. Simply play a hologram image on your tablet, place the pyramid plastic on top, and you’ve got an outrageously entertaining, fascinating piece of decor.

PepperGram Dancers

Glen Tickle
Glen Tickle

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